Baldwin Kapoteh Coat Jackets

With close to 40 years of producing brand clothing for various world retailers, our manufacturing company is proud to introduce the Baldwin Kapoteh coat jacket.

Made from 100% breathable lightweight wool, Baldwin Kapotehs are primarily designed for the active lifestyle for the Jewish Chabad rabbi during the busy working week. But with a classic double-breasted and slender design, these long below the waist black coats are also stylishly suited for teens and young adult men that would be perfect at special events like weddings or other memorable occasions.

Quick History About The Kapoteh

The Kapoteh coat jacket can go under different names that depend on country and city geography. The Kapoteh is sometimes known as a rekel, frack, kapote, kapotteh, sirtuk and even capote today.

Originally, the Kapoteh was made with no buttons as a sign of modesty when used throughout the 19th century and held together by a sash belt. As time passed, this frock coat evolved coincidentally with the very popular style of dress for the affluent men throughout Europe. The similarly matching contemporary Kapoteh of the time were worn by rabbis of importance.

The jacket can be made single or double breasted and the button count can vary from four to eight. Currently, the Kapoteh is made in black color and sometimes in navy. It was once in grey color. It can be made from wool or polyester. This coat jacket should not be confused with the Bekishe or Beketshe, a silken long coat worn on special occasions.

About The Manufacturer

We began manufacturing clothing products in 1972 for the European retail industry for recognized company brands such as:

  • InWear
  • Matinque
  • Mango
  • Esprit
  • Armani Exchange
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Collection by Remix
  • Marlene Birger
  • Part Two Women
  • Peak Performance
  • Cotton Field
  • Ticket to Heaven
  • Jackpot
  • Tiger of Sweden

As a long established clothing manufacturer with an excellent reputation to continue, we produce and offer the Baldwin Kapoteh inexpensively to the budget conscious buyer looking for a great quality coat jacket that will hold up well.

Return Policy

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To be eligible for a return, your kapoteh (capote) must be undamaged and returned within 7 days of receiving it.

All returns will be subject to a $30 restocking fee.

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